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QSL is governed by an independent Board of Directors, which plays an important oversight role in the management and business affairs of the company. 

The QSL Board is responsible for setting an effective corporate governance framework and providing strategic guidance for the company, while ensuring effective oversight of management with the objective of protecting and enhancing the interests of QSL’s Mill Owner and Grower Representative Members.

The company’s Constitution provides for a Board of up to four Independent Directors and the Chief Executive Officer who is the Managing Director.

Under the Constitution, it is the role of the Board Selection Committee to appoint the Independent Directors, assisted by a reputable executive search firm. The Board Selection Committee has been constituted under the processes of the Constitution and has four members – two members elected for a three-year term by Mill Owner Members and two members elected for a three-year term by Grower Representative Members.

Board and Board Committee Charters

The Charters, under which the QSL Board and Board Committees operate, are noted below:

Board Charter

Audit and Risk Committee Charter

Trading Risk Committee Charter

Operations Committee Charter

People and Remuneration Committee Charter

Code of Conduct

QSL had adopted a Code of Conduct for employees and directors which covers such matters as conflicts of interest, confidentiality, company property, gifts and entertainment.  It is regularly reviewed to reflect changes in law or business behaviour.

Code of Ethics

QSL has adopted a Code of Ethics which applies to directors, staff, agents, brokers and others acting on behalf of QSL.  The Code covers such subjects as integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, standards and ethical behaviour.  It is regularly reviewed to reflect changes in law or business behaviour.

Corporate Risk Management Policy

QSL has adopted a Corporate Risk Management Policy, which is based on the standard for risk management:-AS/NZ ISO 31000:2009/Risk Management.  The Policy provides an effective framework for the management of risk and serves as an effective tool for management decision making.  It is designed to provide a formal, systematic and recognised framework for the identification and mitigation of risks. 

Whistleblower Policy 

QSL has had a Whistleblower Policy in place since 2012. Recent changes to the Corporations Act (new Part 9.4AAA) have introduced an enhanced regime in relation to Whistleblowers, including a broader range of conduct that can be reported and additional protections for Whistleblowers. The revised QSL Whitstlebower Policy comes into effect on 1 January 2020 and sets out some detailed information that complies with the new regime. Contact details are set out in this policy.

Click here to read QSL's Whistleblower Policy.