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QSL Members

QSL works on behalf of its members to promote the development of the sugar industry. Under its constitution, QSL has two types of members – Mill Owner Members and Grower Representative Members.

Mill Owner Members

The owners of Queensland sugar mills are eligible to be members of QSL. QSL currently has eight Mill Owner Members:

  • Bundaberg Sugar Limited
  • Far Northern Milling Pty Ltd
  • Isis Central Sugar Mill Company Limited
  • Mackay Sugar Limited
  • MSF Sugar Limited
  • Tully Sugar Limited
  • Wilmar Sugar Australia Ltd
  • W H Heck & Sons Pty Limited

Grower Representative Members

QSL also has 19 Elected Holders. These are Growers who own or lease sugar cane farms in each of QSL’s designated mill areas, who are elected by other Growers in their region or mill area. 

QSL Grower Representative Members hold their positions for three years. To date, QSL has held a total of six elections to appoint its Elected Holders, these being in 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017 and 2020.

The following Grower Representative Members were appointed in the 2020 elections for a three-year term:

In addition to these elected representatives, both the Australian Cane Farmers Association Limited (ACFA) and the Queensland Canegrowers Organisation Limited (QCGO) have one appointed representative each.

ACFA Chairman Don Murday is the current ACFA-appointed member, while the current QCGO representative is QCGO Chairman Paul Schembri.