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Who we are

Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) is a not-for-profit organisation owned by the Queensland sugar industry. A leader in raw sugar marketing and logistics, QSL is committed to creating a prosperous Queensland sugarcane industry and flourishing communities.

We provide four main value offerings – pricing, financing, marketing and operations services – with all net value returned to the industry we serve.


QSL offers a range of pricing products to millers and growers tailored to different risk appetites. Our experienced and professional pricing team has a track record of outperforming market benchmarks, and actively monitors the sugar futures and foreign exchange markets. Their pricing decisions are based on this market knowledge and the unique risk parameters set for each QSL pool product.


QSL provides ongoing cost-effective financing to participating millers and growers throughout the season via the Advances payments program. Advances payments are based on receipt of sugar at a bulk sugar terminal (BST) and are often made in advance of the sugar being sold or the payment being received from the customer. Incremental payments are made throughout the season and are based on a proportional amount of QSL’s current estimate of the final weighted average pool price. 


QSL is the largest marketer of Australian raw sugar, selling the majority of Queensland’s export raw sugar into the Asian market. Our marketing strategy platform is based on developing long-term and sustainable relationships with high-returning customers who value our producer-seller model.  This approach puts the customer first and has a focus on reliably delivering high-quality sugar best suited to each customer’s operations.


QSL’s Operations Division manages the highly effective storage, handling and shipping of bulk raw sugar at Queensland’s six bulk sugar terminals. Under a Strategic Operating Agreement with Sugar Terminals Limited, QSL personnel oversee the delivery of raw sugar, blend it to the terminal users’ specifications and then load all shipments leaving Queensland’s shores. With a strong on-time and in-full delivery track record, QSL collectively operates the six terminals to maximise synergies across all facilities while minimising costs for all terminal users.

To find out more about the advantages QSL offers as a supply partner, please contact us.