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2016 Season

QSL’s 2016-Season Pool activities are now complete, with all applicable costs and earnings for the period finalised and applied to all pools.

The final results for QSL's 2016 Pools are as follows:


Key 2016 Season Themes

  • Record-high market levels helped QSL-managed pools for the 2016 Season capture our best returns in five years, surpassing our 2015-Season pool results by around $100 AUD/tonne IPS.

  • Our pools held up well in the rising market to be within $1 AUD/tonne IPS of market average results on a weighted-average basis.

  • QSL’s in-season pools performed higher than our forward-season pools and the Guaranteed Floor Pool due to the rising market during the period. 

  • The 2016 Actively Managed Pool produced the highest return with $564 AUD/tonne net.

  • QSL’s use of innovative price risk management products and tactical risk management played a key role in maximising returns.

  • The  QSL price risk  management approach consistently delivers pool returns that are commensurate with or better than the average market return. The average market return is measured by our Passive Management Benchmark, noted in the chart above.