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2015 Season

The 2015/2016 Financial Year has come to a close, bringing with it the end of QSL’s 2015 Pool activities. All applicable costs and earnings for the period have now been calculated and the 2015 QSL Shared Pool finalised and applied to all pools.

The final results for QSL's 2015 Pools are as follows:

Key 2015 Season themes

QSL Treasurer Stephen Stone said the 2015 Season was one of two halves, with the prices in the second half of 2015 still depressed by a five-year global raw sugar surplus,  before an obvious tightening of trade flows in 2016 finally changed market sentiment.  The ICE 11 price slid below $A350 per tonne in August 2015, before the realisation of an impending global raw sugar deficit saw prices start to rally and climb back over $A400 per tonne earlier this year.

Mr Stone said that while the market turnaround was welcomed by Australian producers, a larger than expected 2015-Season crop weighed heavily on 2015 Harvest Pool values, as storage constraints meant an increased Harvest Pool allocation had to be sold and priced into a very weak price environment.

The Actively Managed Pool was better able to benefit from a more optimistic market view (particularly for currency), with increasingly active short-term trading activities in both the ICE 11 and currency ultimately reflected in its final price.


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