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Market Updates

February 2011

The market has continued to experience significant volatility in the past fortnight. The impact of Cyclone Yasi is reported to have pushed global prices higher in the first week of the reporting period Read more

January 2011

Price volatility has continued to be a feature of the market during the past fortnight, with prices generally trading between US29c/lb and US32c/lb but experiencing sharp fluctuations on a day-to-day basis Read more
In late December the Mar-11 ICE No.11 contract reached a new 30-year high of US34.77c/lb on the back of a tight global supply outlook. Since then, prices have stayed closer to the US30c/lb mark. Read more

December 2010

During the first week of this reporting period sugar traded between US28c/lb and US29c/lb, with only light volumes sold. Prices increased significantly in the second week of this period, increasing 12 per cent to close above US32c/lb. Read more
After the extreme volatility in prices during the previous fortnight, the international sugar market has been relatively stable during the last two weeks. Prices ended slightly up at the end of the first week of trading and higher again in the second week Read more

November 2010

After reaching record highs during the last fortnight, volatility returned to the market this week, with prices dropping around 20 per cent in just two days. This was part of a general fall in commodity prices sparked by concerns about the global economy Read more
Global sugar prices continued their bullish run during the past fortnight to reach a high of US32.30c/lb, a price level not seen since 1981 Read more

October 2010

Prices continued to climb during the past fortnight, with volatility continuing to be a feature of the market. Analyst reports noted significant weather concerns in several key growing regions during this reporting period. Read more
After seven weeks of gains, prices for raw sugar dropped during the first half of this fortnight to around US23c/lb. The Oct-10 ICE No.11 contract expired during this period at a price of US25.30c/lb, up 547 points over the month. Read more

September 2010

With the ICE No.11 Oct-10 contract due to expire soon, high prices continue to be a feature of the market. During the past fortnight prices peaked above US25c/lb. Read more