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2014 Season

The 2014/2015 Financial Year has come to a close, bringing with it the end of QSL’s 2014 Pool activities. All applicable costs and earnings for the period have now been calculated and the 2014 QSL Shared Pool finalised and applied to all pools.

The final results for QSL’s 2014 Pools are as follows:

Key 2014 Season themes

The continuing global raw sugar surplus supressed ICE 11 values during the 2014 season, with prices ranging between 11 and 19 US c/lb. Despite this, all of QSL’s 2014 Pools outperformed the passive benchmark (i.e. the average return that would have been achieved without a market view) by between $32 and $70 – an impressive result in a testing year. These returns were underpinned by our marketing strategy, which secured sales with long-standing QSL customers in order to optimise available premiums in a market awash with sugar.