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2020 Season

QSL is currently accepting marketing nominations for the 2020, 2021 and 2022 Seasons.

Queensland cane growers wishing to use QSL pricing and payment options for the 2020 Season must nominate QSL as their marketer by the following deadlines:

  • Mackay, Tully and Wilmar milling districts - 31 October 2019
  • MSF Sugar milling districts - 31 December 2019
  • Bundaberg Sugar and Isis Central Sugar Mill milling districts - No marketing nomination is required

Growers marketing with QSL for the 2020 Season then have until April 2020 to finalise which pricing options they'd like to use for the coming season.

For details of how to choose QSL in your milling district, contact your local QSL Grower Services Team representative (featured at the bottom of this page) or call 1800 870 756.

Looking for information about of our 2019-Season products? Please click here.



QSL pays a Loyalty Bonus to growers who elect QSL as their marketer for 3 seasons in Advance. To qualify for the 2020-Season bonus you must nominate QSL as your GEI Sugar Marketer for the 2020, 2021 and 2022 Seasons by 30 June 2021. Click the link below for details:


  • QSL Standard Advances: QSL's traditional Advances system, with incremental payments during the season reflecting the grower's current sugar returns estimate.                                               
  • QSL Accelerated Advances: The Advance rate rises to 90% in December, then aligns with the QSL Standard Advances rate once it also reaches 90%.                                            
  • QSL Deferred Payment Scheme: Allows participants to defer their early-season Advances payments due before June 30 to their first scheduled payment in July of the new financial year.
  • QSL Pre-Crush Advance Payment Scheme: Under this option growers can nominate to receive an Advance payment for up to half of their GEI Sugar prior to the start of the harvest. 

Growers should read the relevant terms above before using any QSL pricing or payment product. For further information or assistance regarding your pricing options, please contact your local QSL representative.


QSL Direct is the online portal used by growers with QSL Grower Pricing Agreements to submit and monitor their QSL pricing decisions and associated payments. Please note that this platform is currently only available to growers in Wilmar and select Mackay Sugar milling districts.

To log on to QSL Direct, visit or click on the link at the top right of this page.

Access to QSL Direct is only available once the Grower:

  1. Has chosen QSL as their GEI Sugar Marketer; and
  2. Has a Grower Pricing Agreement (GPA) in place with QSL

To learn more about the QSL Direct Portal, please read the Fact Sheets below:

​Need help? Call the QSL Direct Helpline on 1800 870 756.



Growers in Wilmar milling districts who elect QSL as their GEI Sugar Marketer are paid directly by QSL. Please read the Fact Sheets below for details of these arrangements:


QSL growers in Mackay milling districts can choose to be paid directly by QSL or via their miller.

Regardless of their chosen payment option, they should continue to complete the bookwork and tax documentation by using the Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) provided by their miller.


The GPA is a contract between QSL and a Grower which details the conditions under which that Grower will allocate GEI Sugar to QSL in order to access QSL's marketing and pricing services. It is important to note that a GPA cannot be activated until we have received confirmation from the relevant miller that the Grower has chosen QSL as a GEI Sugar Marketer via the required process.

To learn more about QSL's GPA, please read the following documents:

Please be assured that QSL respects your privacy, and any information provided by you will be handled in a way consistent with the Australian Privacy Principles as set out in the Privacy Act (Cth) 1988 (Privacy Act). You can read more about our privacy policy by clicking here.


Growers who have a QSL Grower Pricing Agreement and are planning changes to their farm’s operating structure (such as a farm sale, new lease or subdivision) are asked to complete a “Farm Sale/Lease Information Form” and submit this to QSL.

This form is not a contract – it simply initiates the documentation process by gathering basic information about the transaction to enable QSL to prepare the relevant Deed of Acknowledgement and/or Deed of Novation, to implement associated pricing transfers. This can be done before, during or after the transaction occurs, but ideally, before the transaction occurs.

Completed forms can be submitted via email to or to your local Grower Services Representative.

For further information or to commence the process, please contact the QSL Direct team on 1800 870 756.


Looking to sell your shares in Sugar Terminals Limited (STL)? As a not-for-profit organisation owned by the Queensland cane growers and sugar millers we serve, QSL is uniquely positioned to buy your STL shares. Click here for details.


Growers who have conducted pricing with a bank or financial services provider may be able to transfer (novate) their pricing to QSL.

While QSL charges no fees for this service, it should be noted that Growers in such arrangements may be liable for fees and charges from their existing pricing provider, and should refer to their current pricing agreement or provider for details of these. Technical limitations may also restrict QSL’s ability to novate pricing.

For more information regarding the novation process, please read the Fact Sheet below:


Your local Grower Services Team representative is available to assist you with any queries.