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Mackay Growers - Marketing Choice with QSL

    Marketing and pricing nominations for the 2019 Season have now closed.

    We are currently accepting marketing nominations for the 2020, 2021 and 2022 Seasons, with our 2020-Season product range to be released shortly. 

    For more information about the marketing nomination process, call QSL's Mackay office on 4967 4618 or 1800 870 756.


    The following Frequently Asked Questions cover off on some common queries about your new QSL payment process.

    When will I be paid?

    You will generally receive a payment from QSL in the week following a cane delivery, with payments made on a Friday for the previous week's deliveries up until midnight Saturday. You may also receive a payment from QSL if there has been an increase in the QSL Advances rate, or if your miller has passed on funds owing for allowances, adjustments or GST.

    If you chose to be paid directly by QSL, we will deposit your payment directly into your nominated bank account/s. If you elected to be paid via your miller, we will pass your QSL payment onto your miller to pay to you.

    Where do I find details about my QSL payment?
    QSL will issue you with a statement via email each time we pay you. All of your QSL statements will also be available in your QSL Direct online account. Growers with no email address will receive a hardcopy statement in the mail.

    Will I still get information from my miller about my cane delivery?
    Yes. As well as your QSL Statement, you will still receive a Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) from your miller detailing your weekly cane deliveries as well as the associated GST, allowances, deductions and any payments you have arranged to third parties.

    Will QSL pay my allowances and deductions?
    Allowances and deductions under your Cane Supply Agreement and based on the tonnage of cane delivered or processed, such as CANEGROWERS levies and harvester contractor payments, will continue to be paid by your miller and shown on the RCTI they provide you. For growers paid directly by QSL, the total of such amounts will also be reflected on your QSL statement.

    Will QSL also pay my third-party payments, such as a lease or lien?
    No. Any payments based on the gross value of your cane that have previously been paid by your miller, like liens and leases, will continue to be paid by your miller and detailed on your statement from them.
    Won’t this be confusing – getting two statements?

    It shouldn’t be. As in the past, you will still use your statement (RCTI) from your miller to complete your Business Activity Statement (BAS) and other bookwork. Your QSL statement will just detail your pricing results achieved with QSL. 

    Where can I find more details about the QSL statement?
    You can find a sample QSL payment statement by clicking on the link below. The QSL team is also happy to answer any questions you may have. You can reach your local office on 4967 4618 or call the QSL Direct Helpline at 1800 870 756.

    Please CLICK HERE for more information about our full range of pricing and payment options.


    QSL pays a Loyalty Bonus to growers who elect QSL as their marketer for 3 seasons in Advance. To qualify for the 2019-Season bonus you must nominate QSL as your GEI Sugar Marketer for the 2019, 2020 and 2021 Seasons by 30 June 2020.

    Click the links below for details:


    QSL Direct is the online portal used by growers with QSL Grower Pricing Agreements to submit and monitor their QSL pricing decisions and associated payments. 

    To log on to QSL Direct, visit or click on the link at the top right of this page.

    Access to QSL Direct is only available once the Grower:

    • Has chosen QSL as their GEI Sugar Marketer; and
    • Has a Grower Pricing Agreement (GPA) in place with QSL

    To learn more about the QSL Direct Portal, please read the Fact Sheets below:

    ​Need help? Call the QSL Direct Helpline on 1800 870 756.