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QSL successful in Supreme Court case

Friday, 10 May 2019

The Supreme Court of Queensland today dismissed Wilmar’s legal action against Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) relating to costs associated with the 2010 sugar production season.

QSL Chief Executive Officer Greg Beashel welcomed the decision and said QSL intends to seek compensation for costs associated with Wilmar’s legal action.

“This legal action instigated by Wilmar has been a costly and time-consuming distraction at a time when our entire industry needs to be focusing on securing strong returns and maximising opportunities for growth,” Mr Beashel said.

“I believe that today’s judgement validates QSL’s position that while the trying circumstances around the 2010 harvest had significant financial consequences for many growers and millers throughout the state, this was first and foremost a result of an unforeseen in-season crop failure.”

Through its legal action commenced in 2015, Wilmar sought damages of $60.86 million plus interest and costs for what it claimed was negligence by QSL in relation to pricing activities associated with the 2010 sugar season.

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