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Welcome to QSL’s news and media centre. Here you can access the latest QSL news and company information as well as market updates, annual reports, company presentations and our media contact details. 

QSL Weekly Update, 8/11/2019

Your weekly round-up of QSL news and information.

QSL Weekly Update, 1/11/2019

Looking to increase your cash flow prior to Christmas? QSL’s Accelerated Advances option is designed to maximise the amount of Advances paid to participating growers prior to the end of the year, with its Advances rate rising to 90% each December, remaining at 90% until the QSL Standard Advances rate also reaches 90% by April or May the following year. 

QSL Weekly Update, 25/10/2019

Your weekly round-up of key QSL news and information.

Current Market Update

QSL Market Update, 12/11/2019

QSL's weekly overview of key sugar market and currency activity.