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Far Northern Milling - Indicative Pool Results

Monday, 13 July 2020

Current as of 16 October 2020.

All gross prices quoted above are indicative only and do not include a Shared Pool allocation. Please see the table below for details of the 2020 Season Shared Pool.

The current QSL Standard Advances Rate is 70.0% for the 2020 season. 

To view the Pool Sensitivities Matrices, please click here.

2020-Season Indicative QSL Shared Pool - RSSA Participants

All Shared Pool prices quoted above are indicative only, and current as of 25 September 2020 for the 2020 season.  


Net Market Premiums include:

  • AUD Free on Board return QLD 
  • Port differential levy
  • Port differential rebate
  • Supplementary Commitment premium cost
  • Accounting allocations
  • Brand allowances

Storage and Handling costs include:

  • All costs associated with using the Bulk Sugar Terminals payable to Sugar Terminals Ltd

Finance costs include:

  • Finance facilities charges
  • Finance charges

Marketing and Shared Services Costs include:

  • Marketing costs 
  • QSL Shared Services costs

Regional costs include, where applicable:

  • Quality Scheme costs
  • OSA incremental costs
  • Non-recoverable Harbour Dues
  • Supplier sugar quality allocations

Loyalty Bonus includes, where applicable:

  • QSL Shared Services Charge Rebate 
  • Supplementary Commitment Premium

QSL Pool Information

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DISCLAIMER: The information provided in the above table is summary in nature and designed to provide an updated estimate of QSL Pool Results for the current and future Seasons specified in the table. Please note that Pool performance figures included in the table are estimates at this stage, indicative only, as the Pool performance figures only become final on or after 30 June each year. The information in the table does not constitute financial advice or product advice, and growers should therefore seek their own financial advice before making any pool selection or pricing decisions, as well as reading the QSL Pricing Pool Terms in full, which can be found by clicking here.
Information about past performance is illustrative only and should not be relied upon as an indication of future performance. The estimates and forecasts of future performance or other forward looking statements in the above information (Estimates and Forecasts) are based on assumptions and are subject to significant uncertainties, many of which are outside the control of QSL. As such, the values and pricing can and will change and fluctuate over time without notice. The Estimates and Forecasts are not representations of future matters and nothing contained in this report should be relied upon as a representation as to future matters. Whilst care has been taken in the preparation of the table and information above, the accuracy or completeness of the information is not guaranteed and QSL does not accept any responsibility for any actions taken by a person with respect to any of the information set out above.