2020-Season Pools Open

Our 2020-Season QSL-managed pools are now open and accepting nominations.

Growers using QSL now have until 30 April 2020* to decide which pricing options they'd like to use for the coming season.

*Bundaberg and Isis growers should see their miller for details of their applicable local deadlines.

Click here for details of the pricing options available in your district.


2020-Season Guaranteed Floor Pool - Indicative Prices

Indicative prices for the 2020-Season QSL Guaranteed Floor Pool as of 3 April 2020 are:

Please click here for full details regarding this pool.

NOTE: These prices do not pertain to the February 2020 Guaranteed Floor Pool, which had its floor established earlier this year. Click here for details.

QSL Pool Prices, Shared Pool Values & Advances

Please click the links below to access the QSL pool information relevant to your milling district.

Queensland Sugar Limited: Your Trusted Partner

QSL is Australia's largest sugar marketer and has been an integral part of the Queensland sugar industry for nearly a century. We are a member-owned service organisation, providing world-class sugar marketing, pricing, finance and logistics services. 

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