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Who we are

A leader in raw sugar marketing, QSL has built an excellent reputation for quality, service and innovation in the international sugar market.

We work on behalf of seven millers and around 4000 Australian sugar growers to build sustainable business partnerships with sugar refiners in the Asia-Pacific region and grow the value of the Australian sugar industry for our grower and miller members.

QSL manages the majority of Australia’s raw sugar exports through a unique and innovative pooling system and also operates six Bulk Sugar Terminals in Queensland.  Our integrated marketing and export system delivers pricing transparency, stability and optimal returns for Australian sugar millers and cane growers.

For international customers, QSL offers a complete suite of end-to-end supply chain solutions with reliable and consistent supply of Australian premium raw sugar.

QSL's ‘one-stop-shop’ for sugar exports includes:

  • Expertise in Australian sugar quality and performance – providing security of supply and renowned expertise.
  • Sophisticated risk and financial management – managing sugar price and foreign exchange exposure, and offering cost-effective financing through the Advances Program.
  • Superior shipping and logistics services – providing a range of services in logistics, quality management systems and chartering for a range of supply-chain solutions.
  • Product options – a range of products, including raw sugar from origins other than Australia.

To find out more about the advantages QSL offers as a supply partner, please contact us.