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Pricing Products


QSL offers a diverse range of pricing mechanisms which provide millers and their grower suppliers with a wide range of choice in terms of price, currency and risk management.

When suppliers choose a QSL Pool to price their raw sugar, they are choosing a company with over 50 years' experience and a demonstrated performer in international marketing and risk management.

Moreover, QSL’s product options have been developed to empower suppliers to make pricing decisions based on their own assessment of their risks and production profile.

You can find out which of the current QSL Pool products best suits your needs by clicking this link.

The information provided on this website is of a general nature and does not take into account any company’s particular financial situation or needs.  Before selecting any Pool option, you should consider carefully the terms and conditions of the Pool and your own circumstances.

Estimated QSL Pool Price Matrices

The indicative pricing outcome for the QSL-managed pools is updated twice a month. The indicative price matrices give price sensitivities for ICE 11 and the $A/$US exchange rates.

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