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QSL's Finance services are an essential element of our value proposition, underpinning QSL's business activities and promoting cash flow to the wider Queensland sugar industry.

We use a range of secured and unsecured finance lines to obtain the best possible rates for funding that is then used to provide key services to our Members, including:

  • The Advances Payment program - This system of monthly payments is commonly referred to as 'advances', which reflects the fact that QSL funds the payments to Suppliers in advance of receiving revenue from customers for raw sugar sales. The first instalment is paid once harvesting starts and the raw sugar is delivered to a bulk sugar terminal, with the final payment to Suppliers normally made in July of the year after harvesting commenced. For further information about QSL's Advances Program, please click here.
  • Pricing - The use of futures markets is a key feature of QSL's risk management approach. QSL finance arrangements cover the costs of participating in the ICE 11 and ICE 16 raw sugar markets.
  • Logistics services - The QSL Finance team ensures pre-shipment expenses are met, enabling the timely shipment of Queensland sugar to destinations around the world.