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What we do

QSL is responsible for marketing the majority of Australia’s raw sugar exports each year and has supply contracts in place to continue to do so until mid-2017.

We manage the sugar export program as a pooling system, which is underpinned by the cooperation of seven Australian milling companies and the 3000+ Australian cane growers who supply them.

For international customers, QSL's innovative pooling system provides security of supply and a direct line of sight back to the origin of their raw sugar purchases. QSL’s reliable and consistent supply of quality raw sugar comes with superior service and product knowledge at a competitive price.

For Australian cane growers and sugar millers, the pooling system provides market stability and transparency, and gives Queensland raw sugar an edge on the world stage.

Pricing Products

QSL offers a diverse range of pricing mechanisms which provide millers and their grower suppliers with a wide range of choice in terms of price, currency and risk management.

Financial Risk Management

At QSL we strive to deliver innovations and options that help our international customers and our Australian growers and millers navigate an increasingly volatile international marketplace.