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RSSA Participants - Indicative Pool Results


Current as of 16 March 2018.

All gross prices quoted above are indicative only and do not include a Shared Pool allocation (please see the table below for details of this).

The current QSL Standard Advances Rate is 87.5%.

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2017-Season Indicative QSL Shared Pool - RSSA Participants

All Shared Pool prices quoted above are indicative only and current as of 23 February 2018.


Net Market Premiums include:

  • AUD Free on Board return QLD 
  • Port differential levy
  • Port differential rebate
  • Supplementary Commitment premium cost
  • Accounting allocations
  • Brand allowances

Storage and Handling costs include:

  • All costs associated with using the Bulk Sugar Terminals

Finance costs include:

  • Finance facilities charges
  • Finance charges

Marketing and Shared Services Costs include:

  • Marketing costs 
  • QSL Shared Services costs

Regional costs include:

  • Quality Scheme costs
  • OSA incremental costs
  • Non-recoverable Harbour Dues
  • Supplier sugar quality allocations

Loyalty Bonus includes:

  • QSL Shared Services Charge Rebate 
  • Supplementary Commitment Premium

QSL Pool Information

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