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QSL Marketing Choice

Queensland cane growers now have the ability to nominate a preferred marketer for their Grower Economic Interest (GEI) sugar.

GEI Sugar Marketer nominations for the 2018 Season for Wilmar, MSF Sugar and Tully Sugar Growers are now closed.

Growers who have elected to use QSL as their Marketer for the 2018 Season have until 30 April 2018 to finalise their QSL Pool nominations.

For more details regarding the Marketing Choice deadlines and QSL products and services available in your milling district, please click the relevant link below:

MSF Sugar Growers should click here for details.

Tully Sugar Growers should click here for details.

Wilmar Growers should click here for more information.

For more information on Marketing Choice, please click here.