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Korean visit marks sugar milestone

Thursday, 16 March 2017

IMPORTANT MILESTONE: QSL Managing Director and CEO Greg Beashel issues Samyang Corporation General Manager CK Park with a memento marking 25 million tonnes of QSL sales to the South Korean market.


QSL reached an important milestone for one of its key markets this week, celebrating 25 million tonnes of raw sugar sales to South Korea.

Representatives of Korea’s three refineries – CJ Corporation General Manager Alex Lee, Samyang Corporation General Manager CK Park, and TS Corporation Deputy General Manager SJ Cho –  visited Queensland this week to officially extend their Long Term Contract with QSL for the 2017 Season.

While in Queensland QSL’s Korean customers also toured the Townsville Bulk Sugar Terminal and met with growers and other industry stakeholders from the Burdekin.

Speaking at the official signing ceremony in Brisbane, QSL CEO Greg Beashel thanked the three companies for their unwavering support of QSL across nearly five decades and into the new Marketing Choice era.

“This latest contract marks a milestone in our business relationship which began back in the early 1970s, starting with initial sales of around 300,000t,” he said.

“We’ve now been doing business together for 45 years, during which time we’ve doubled and then tripled those initial sales volumes, eventually setting a new seasonal record last year with sales of almost 1.3 million tonnes,” Mr Beashel said.

Mr Beashel said QSL’s strong and lengthy relationship with the Korean refiners was underpinned by a high-quality Queensland product and QSL’s excellent service.

“To have such an enduring commercial relationship is not only an asset for our business, but is of enormous benefit to the industry we represent, and so we look forward to securing further Korean sales for our grower and miller members for many years to come.”

Speaking on behalf of the Korean contingent, Mr Park thanked QSL and Queensland cane growers for their strong support.

“We don’t think the sugar we receive from Australia is just a commercial commodity, but believe it is the blood, sweat and tears of all Australian cane growers,” he said.

Mr Park said that despite approaches from other sugar providers, they were keen to maintain their relationship with QSL and the quality sugar that had helped power their business for many decades.

“So please be assured that we Korean Refiners will stand still, as we did for more than 40 years, and stand with you, QSL and the Australian cane growers.”


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