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QSL Members

QSL works on behalf of its members to promote the development of the sugar industry. Under its constitution, QSL has two types of members – Mill Owner Members and Grower Representative Members.

Mill Owner Members

The owners of Queensland sugar mills are eligible to be members of QSL. QSL currently has seven Mill Owner Members:

• Bundaberg Sugar Limited
• Isis Central Sugar Mill Company Limited
• Mackay Sugar Limited
• Sucrogen Limited
• MSF Sugar Limited
• Tully Sugar Limited
• W H Heck & Sons Pty Limited

Grower Representative Members

The Australian Cane Farmers Association Limited (ACFA) appoints one Grower Representative. ACFA Chairman Don Murday is the ACFA-appointed member.

Queensland Cane Growers Organisation Limited (CANEGROWERS) also appoints one Grower Representative. The current CANEGROWERS-appointed member is CANEGROWERS Chairman, Paul Schembri.

QSL also has 21 Elected Holders - growers who own or lease sugar cane farms in each of QSL’s designated mill areas, who are elected by other growers in their region or mill area. QSL’s Elected Holders are:

Russell Jordan (Burdekin Region)
Peter Hall (Burdekin Region)
Owen Menkins (Burdekin Region)
Max Menzel (Burdekin Region)
• Joe Russo (Isis mill area)
• Lawrence Bugeja (Central Region)
• Francis Perna (Central Region)
• Anthony Ross (Central Region)
Gerard Puglisi (Mossman mill area)
• Maryann Salvetti (Tableland mill area)
• Robert Rossi (Mulgrave mill area)
Barry Stubbs (Northern Region – South Johnstone mill area)
• Tom Harney (Tully mill area)
• Michael Pisano (Herbert River Region)
• Vincent Russo (Herbert River Region)
• Peter Quod (Proserpine mill area)
• Kevin Borg (Plane Creek mill area)
• Antonio Castro (Southern Region)
• Kelvin Griffin (Southern Region)
• Jeffrey Atkinson (Maryborough mill area)
• Richard Skopp (Rocky Point mill area)