qsl market update

Listen to the latest QSL sugar and currency market update by QSL Treasurer Stephen Stone.

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QSL Update by ceo greg beashel

There is a lot more that needs to be considered when looking at sugar marketing than simply the ICE11 component of the sugar price.

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QSL grower representative members appointed

The election process for Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) Grower Representative Members has now been completed.

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qsl refutes reuters article

Contrary to reports by Reuters, QSL has only experienced minor impacts as a result of a reduction in Indonesian sugar import licenses.

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Sugar marketing - is it all about the ice11?

I have been spending a lot of time lately explaining some of the facts around the current debate about sugar marketing. Recently, I addressed the Rural Press Club and one of the questions I received focused on why there is so much fuss over marketing arrangements when growers can control 95 percent of their pricing via the ICE11.

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qsl delivers strong pool prices for 2013/14 season

Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) today released strong pool results for the 2013/14 season, with all QSL-managed pools outperforming the average market benchmark.

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qsl welcomes state government intervention - 15 july 2014

Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) today welcomed the announcement by Queensland Agriculture Minister John McVeigh that the State Government would investigate a solution to the Queensland sugar industry impasse regarding marketing arrangements.

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