QSL inquiry submission calls for grower choice

Close to two thirds of Australia’s cane farmers will have their incomes impacted by a sugar miller intent on preventing them from using their own marketing company, and so need State or Federal legislation to give them competitive choices, Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Greg Beashel said today.

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qsl market update

Listen to the latest QSL sugar and currency market update by QSL Treasurer Stephen Stone. Please note that this is current as of 27 October 2014.

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 QSL calls for true sugar industry competition

Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) Chairman Mike Carroll has called for the Queensland sugar industry’s marketing arrangements to be opened to competition, stating the purpose of deregulation was to dismantle artificial monopolies and create a market dynamic, not to replace statutory marketing authorities with private monopolies.

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QSL annual general meeting

QSL held its Annual General Meeting on Monday 20 October 2014.

Please click on the below links to read the presentations delivered by QSL Chairman Mike Carroll and Chief Executive Director and Managing Director Greg Beashel.

QSL Chairman's Address

QSL CEO's Presentation 

QSL presents its 2013/2014 Annual Report

Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) is proud to deliver its 2013/2014 Annual Report.
QSL sold 2.975 million tonnes of raw sugar in the 2013/2014 Financial Year, with 3.765 million tonnes of raw sugar handled through the bulk sugar terminals.
The QSL 2013/2014 Annual Report is available by clicking here

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The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) is scheduled to be held
Where: Christie Conference Centre, 320 Adelaide Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000. Phone (07) 3010 9028
When: 2:00pm, Monday 20 October 2014
Please click here to view last year’s AGM minutes.

qsl welcomes senate inquiry into marketing arrangements

Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) today welcomed the announced senate inquiry into current and future raw sugar marketing arrangements in Australia.

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qsl market update

Listen to the latest QSL sugar and currency market update by QSL Treasurer Stephen Stone.

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QSL Update by ceo greg beashel

There is a lot more that needs to be considered when looking at sugar marketing than simply the ICE11 component of the sugar price.

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